Street Lights: Who trims trees & plants around street lights?

The homeowner, neither the power company, Fairfax County nor VDOT will trim plants or trees blocking any street lights that are located on private property. Your HOA Board recommends our members trim around any street lights their trees or plants that may be blocking the lights from illuminating the area as intended and an as aid to the Winston Knolls Neighborhood Watch.

19 Mar 2009

Pipestems: Who is responsible for Pipestems?

Pipestems are the co-owned property of the homeowner’s whose driveways enter them. Visit the Fairfax County web site for further information.

13 Sep 2007

Fences: What are the HOA rules on fences?

Article VII Item 2 of our Declarations states:
“No fence of any kind shall be erected or maintained on any portion of a Lot along the front property line or from the front building line to the front lot line. No fence of any kind shall be erected or maintained in or along the rear of a Lot or along the front building line to the rear lot line or from the side of any building to the said lot line except hedge fence or wooden fencing.”

13 Sep 2007

HOA: Why is there an HOA? Am I a member?

These and similar questions were asked in 2004 and a specfic set of FAQs on these can be read by clicking here.

19 Mar 2007